Above: My scraps binder. AKA permission to keep all the little bits.

Devon Kelley-Yurdin (Me)

I am an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and cultural organizer (etc. etc. etc.) based in Portland, Maine. I was born and raised in Vermont and hold a BFA in Communications Design & Cultural Studies from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. As an extroverted Gemini and former resident of Oakland, CA; Austin, TX; and (very rural) Eastport, Maine, I weave a wide net and carry a diverse tool belt. Grounded in the belief that creativity can be found everywhere and plays a deep roll in holistic community care, my creative practice connects to the ways I strive to interact with the world; play, curiosity, queerness, accessibility, activism, and skill-building drive my work, relationships, and life experiences.

My creative and professional (and professionally creative) work spans traditional media (printmaking, cut-paper, installation), design/illustration/art direction, event production, arts administration, and community organizing. I’m an instigator of collective experience and much of my community/relational work focuses on collective joy and radical vulnerability, equitable community cultural development, community-based education, and cooperative/collective/alternative models. Additionally, putting together a well curated outfit or finding the perfect bread-to-filling sandwich ratio are viable creative activities as far as I’m concerned.

LET’S COLLABORATE! I’d love to hear from you.

Email: devon.kelley.yurdin (at) gmail.com

Instagram: @moodhair

Pronouns: they/them/theirs