Above: My scraps binder. AKA permission to keep all the little bits. 

Devon Kelley-Yurdin (Me)

I call myself a community arts activist and a freelance creative person in an effort to be equal parts inclusive and noncommittal. Among other things, I am an illustrator, designer, art director, animator, installation artist, budding performer, and all-around cut-paper enthusiast with an interest and investment in collective, accessible community arts spaces. Vermont native, Pratt grad, former NYC and Bay Area resident. I moved to Portland, Maine, in 2015 after spending two and a half years small-town living way up the rural coast. 

My goal is to hold a creative practice that is intrinsically connected to the way I want to interact with the world; humor, appreciation, accessibility, and the constant quest for new skills and information drive both my work and my life experience. Putting together a well curated outfit or finding the perfect bread-to-filling sandwich ratio are viable creative activities as far as I’m concerned. I have yet to feel as though my practice can be communicated by a website...but I will keep trying. 

Please say hello! Let’s collaborate.

email: devon.kelley.yurdin (at) gmail.com